Monday, November 10, 2008

Mega Man characters taking a test


Just for random laughs, if Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir and Phantom were stuck in a college classroom, and had to take a math test-

Who would come close to acing it?

Harpuia takes the exam fair and square. 93.
Leviathan tries to seduce the proctor. 100.
Fefnir cheats off Harpuia. 85.
Phantom steals the answers. 100.

Other exam-takers:
Elpizo gets stuck on a question and tries to absorb the Dark Elf for brainpower. DQ'd for cheating.
Omega's pen(cil) breaks, he destroys a row of seats in anger with charged saber. DQ'd for property damage.
Ciel contests the lethally competitive nature of the exam, but buckles down and finishes it anyway. 90.
Zero is given the answers by X, but self-DQ's to take the exam without outside interference. X is DQ'd for giving out answers.
Copy X tries to call Phantom out for cheating, but is shot by most everyone else in the room for being a tattletale. DQ'd to receive medical attention.
Neige sneaks a microfilm camera into the classroom, takes photos of exam to run exposé on broken school curriculum. Gets a 75 taking it legitimately, but contests results on the grounds that it was biased towards the limits of Reploid processing power.
Kraft takes exam legitimately. 80.
Alouette uses bunny-mounted time-space communicator to get answers from Prairie. Prairie lies about several right answers to prevent a time paradox. 85.
Colbor takes exam legitimately, but brought all the post-exam snacks. 105 after 10 points of extra credit.
Megaman.EXE takes exam by mistake - his class was two doors further down. 95 with some explaining to do about the zero in Life Sciences.

Hm... What about Weil or the operators?

For more paradox based fun, Giro.

Weil would probably ace it, but posing an unfair advantage for his genius, automaticly DQ'd.

Janne (red-haired operator, IIRC) is the proctor. I don't believe this will affect Leviathan's score too much.

Weil is the department head... at least, until the Zero semester ends with Zero stopping him from slamming Ragnarok into the football field.

ZX Semester - Calculus 1 Midterm Results
Department Head: Master Thomas
Proctor: Master Mikhail
(Albert is busy cleaning up the football field for his nefarious purposes.)

Vent takes exam properly. 85.
Giro has a heart attack mid-exam, passes his answers to Aile in his death throes. Roommate Cedre gets a free ride for the semester.
Aile uses Giro's answers (mostly right), but was dared to slip a certain "upgrade part" in her shorts while taking the exam. 95 and a pending sexual harassment lawsuit against Ashe.
Grey keeps trying to take the exam legit, but throws Model A into a window after it keeps whispering answers to him. DQ'd for cheating AND property damage.
Ashe's booty fixation leads to her becoming aroused during a word problem regarding pirate treasure. 75 (DNF) and a pending crush on Tron Bonne.
Prometheus tries re-wording the word problems so that they revolve around causing mayhem. Strangely, it works. 95.
Pandora takes the exam properly, but gets DQ'd for using headphones in class (despite both her 100 AND the fact that the only audio files in her helmet were The Mega Man Network's downloadable music database).
Aeolus reads the first page, leaves exam room claiming it a foolish waste of time. Self DQ'd.
Thetis demands a copy of the exam printed on 100% post-consumer paper. DQ'd for being a hippie.
Atlas takes exam properly. 80, but demands extra credit through an applied lesson conducted in joint with the school's ROTC unit.
Siarnaq gets caught in an interminable loop upon hitting a typo. 50 (DNF) and two weeks in the shop.

But Classic doesn't have that many major players. And damned if I'm making up results for - what is it now, two sixes plus eight eights - yeah, 76 Robot Masters. Plus the "Genesis Unit." And the Rockman Killers. And the Stardroids. And Oil Man and Time Man. And the MM3PC Robot Masters. And King. And Fake Man. And Dark Man. And Mettonger Z, who I'm only really including because I'm a Super Robot fanboy and it was the most awesome fortress boss in MM6.

So I'll humor you instead with an exam held in a world covered by endless water...

General Knowledge Exam - Legends Semester
Dept. Head - Mistress Yuna (body: Matilda Caskett)
Proctor: Megaman Juno

Trigger takes exam properly...or at least, that's what everyone believes since they don't know Data is feeding him answers. 100.
Roll tries to take exam properly, but Tron's constant annoyances lead to fisticuffs. Both are DQ'd after a Servbot goes flying through a window.
Tiesel tries scanning for the answer sheet with his heretofore-unexplained robot eyes, but winds up distracted by the confiscated porno mags in Juno's desk (mostly from Trigger, shockingly). 35 (DNF).
Bon makes random marks. 65, even though all write-in answers in the English portion are filled in with iterations of "Babuu."
Sera (body: default) sneaks out of the exam room, proceeds to invade the department office to launch a Curriculum Reinitialization Program. Stopped by Yuna. DQ'd for attempted genocide, pending review session in Yuna's quarters.
Glyde hot-dogs the exam, confident that his reputation as a legacy will fill in the gaps. The previously ejected Tron makes sure to throw a wrench in that plan with a few well-placed bits of misinformation in his school record. 75, pending investigation into 4 instances of underage drinking during a school-funded function and 2 charges of inappropriate advances towards a Servbot.
Bola takes exam properly, if half-heartedly 'cause he's already got a free ride for the semester (trauma due to roommate Klaymoor being hospitalized for back issues). 70.
Pokte Mayor tries turning the tables, giving Juno an exam. Juno pays the 2 million Zenny instead, since he always misses the "heaviest quark" question. 88.
Guildmaster, knowing full well he didn't bother studying, rigs the building to self-destruct if he fails. Trigger decides he'll have none of that, and starts passing him enough answers to guarantee the school's safety. 80.
Appo, Dah, and Shu send their exams in absentee, being absent to attend to an abused pig in the hospital. 90/90/100.

What happens when you mix Pikachu with Will Smith?

Now this is a story all about when,
I beat my Rival back to Viridian.
I'd like to a moment, I won't be a pest,
I'll tell you how I became the Champion, the best.

In northwestern Pallet Town, born and raised,
Out in town is where I spent most of my days.
Dreaming up, fishing, relaxing, in the zone,
And flirting with my Rival's sister in his home.
When he picked up a pogey, and was up to no good,
Started being an ass in my neighborhood.
We got in one little fight, and Oak got impressed,
He said, "Take this pokemon, now go catch the rest."

I whistled for my friends, and when they came near,
The sister gave a townmap, Mom said, "Good luck, dear."
If anything I could say that I wanted to stay home,
But I thought, "Naw forget it...Yo homes, to Plateau!"

I...pulled...up to Indigo, at about seven or eight,
Got one-fifty pogies, made the E4 yell, "RAPE!"
Beat up my Rival just five minutes later,
And registered my name as the Pokemon Trainer.
- AcePiGGy