Sunday, December 28, 2008

* In Watchmen Ozymandias has an action figure line planned using the main characters, all of whom are deconstructed superheroes, at best antiheroes and at worst mass-murdering psychopaths. However, official ones are being released as a movie tie in—it's not clear whether this is tongue-in-cheek or whether they're just milking all they can out of it. Oddly, he didn't approve of the action figures of Rorschach or Night Owl. Even the guy who murdered half of New York draws a line sooner than DC. Though a large part of it is he thinks they won't sell ("The world isn't interested in superheroes").
  • Also, there is quite a bit of difference between making a action figure of dark but fictional characters and making action figures of people who, in his universe, actually existed.
  • Looking over at This Troper's Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Barack Obama chilling out with Zuko, Snoopy, and Gutsman makes me wonder what exactly that difference is.
  • "It's ok, as long as they were recently deceased or currently alive mass-murders?" Unless there is something about Eintsein, Freud and Obama that people haven't told this troper about.
  • The physicists and astronomers will look up at me, with their failing Newtonian cosmology, and shout, save us! And I will say, 'E=MC^2.' Hey, he was out sniffing drainpipes in "Desolation Row."
From the TV Tropes page on Misaimed Marketing

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