Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Story of Dawn!

Bye mom! I, know being 10, can choose my career, as you already know. I want to be a Pokemon Master! I will travel to every dark alley, every evil doers hideout, and help out grown men. They might even compliment me on my skirt that I can't even sit down in without showing my panties! Nothing can go wrong! Especially with my violent deformed penguin! He will be able to knock out scary birds and the fattest gerbils you have ever seen! And if he dies, I will go throw magical tennis balls at wild deformed animals! That way, when I obtain their freedom, I can use them to fight other deformed animals against their wills. They will belong to me! ME!! I even get an exclusive encyclopedia that I can use to find out about other deformed animals! Yep, the long perilous journey, full of people all look alike. I am going to need help, I realise. That is what I have random strangers for! I will ask them my question, and they will give me an answer! Over and over and over again, as if they cannot say anything else. I don't even have to worry about money shortage! I will scam everybody out of their money with my penguin that trained on deformed animals! His explosive bubbles will save the day! Well this is it. See you after I beat the champion!

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